• Top Spaces to Organize in Your Home
    Hi there! Phew, we had quite a snowstorm in CT yesterday with at least two feet of snow from what I can tell. How did you fare? With all of the time indoors, I have continued the decluttering and organizing and have more places to…
  • Organizing Challenge!
    Sunday’s Bread covers 52 places to organize in your home in the new year. I include a list of both big and small projects to inspire you for an organized home in 2021 (or any year).
  • Why Your Past Matters When Organizing
    Why your past matters when trying to declutter and organize your home. Read why and a bit about my story and how I overcame obstacles.
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    Top 5 organization blogs
  • The Sunday’s Bread Organization Journey
    An organization journey.
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    I took a week off and organized our home in 7 days. Read more about the organization journey.
  • 5 Steps to Declutter & Organize Any Space
    Take it from me…these 5 steps work no matter what you are organizing! Our utility closet had a makeover and has stayed organized using this system.