Fall This and That

Happy Fall! This fall has been busier than ever. This post I will share a few short updates on what I have been cooking, where I have been going and a few fall items I purchased that I am loving. Grab a pumpkin/apple spiced beverage and let’s discuss.

First, with high school gal applying to colleges we have been doing some last minute rounds to see local schools (if you missed our tour of a few southern and PA schools you can read about it here). We made it to the Boston College home game, and boy it was fun. I loved the latest game day look for girls which included some cute tennis skirts (why do I remember us wearing baggie jeans?!). Our team (BC) won so it was a huge celebration and so great to see old friends.

We also headed up to see college girl in Vermont and catch some fall foliage. I had made a mean care package (if I do say so myself) a few weeks ago for a first bout of homesickness. I created the perfect cookie for care packages as it does not crumble. This time I planned to bring one with a fall theme.

With not much time to spare I lucked out with an easy pumpkin oatmeal cookie mix from Trader Joes. Chewy, oatmeal cookies with chocolate chunks and plenty of pumpkin flavor…I did add a few extra chocolate chips. These are another care package win as the cookies hold their shape and flavor. Pick up a mix when at TJs. I am adding some spiced tea and latte easily made with the electric kettle along with a few other goodies.

For some reason this fall I have wanted to buy clothes! Maybe after last year’s imposed home stay and nowhere to go it feels good to get out. I bought this J Crew coat. I love the raspberry color and think it works for both fall and spring. With temps falling in CT, I have been wearing it everywhere.

Anyone else craving sneakers? Stylish sneakers are my go-to shoes as I work from home and am often shuttling between the gym, car pools, dog walks and zoom calls. These New Balance ones caught my eye. Can’t wait until they arrive as they are so comfortable. I like the subtle animal print on the back too.

Next up? I have a bunch of fall recipes on the blog which I will be making for football games, hiking picnics and more. You can make them too:

One bowl pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting

Pumpkin crisp

Apple crisp

What have you been doing to celebrate fall? Mums on the porch? Pumpkins everywhere? Halloween decorating? This is one of my most favorite times of the year, and I hope you are enjoying it as much as I am. Cheers!

Summer Catch Up

Hi there. This post is as it says, a catch up, so here is a little bit about what we are doing, cooking, reading and more. Summer has been flying by and in spite of some rainy days in CT, we have been enjoying every minute. This past weekend we had so much fun at a clambake right on the beach. Of course there were s’mores afterwards and even some live music. I loved the table favors (see photo) and eating lobster on picnic tables covered in craft paper is ideal as it is a messy meal.

The perfect New England clambake

Last year we had our own clambake (you can catch my picture in the bio and see a glimpse of my nautical table scape. We also launched our new Hobie Cat. My husband has been working very hard on getting it ready for launch so it was indeed a busy weekend.

This summer is no different when it comes to the cooking. I am pulling out all of my picnic favorites and now that I have this blog I don’t have to search far! Here are the faves:

Perfect potato salad in a delicious, vinaigrette (no mayo!)

Mediterranean pasta salad (also no mayo but plenty of yummy pesto and a creamy sauce)

Blueberry crumble bars (these taste like summer!)

We have also been grilling a ton (that is Mr. SB’s specialty). His burgers with caper mayo are a stand by all year but especially in the summer. That caper mayo is also delicious on turkey sandwiches as well as veggie/turkey/salmon burgers.

My weekend days typically mean I head to the beach. I have discovered Elin Hildebrand for a great source of beach reads. Her books often take place on Nantucket, a favorite place of mine, so perfect for light reading and exactly what summer calls for – try The Rumor as a first book if you have never read her. I also have American Dirt on my reading list (was an Oprah pick). Much more serious but a friend said it is a can’t put down type of book. It is fiction but really portrays what people in Central America go through to come to America (and why they come). It is next on my list.

Lastly, my garden is crazy this year. During the cold winter months I went seed shopping and never thought I would grow anything from those little packets. My nasturtiums have proven me wrong thankfully. Could not be easier to grow and keep blooming, blooming, blooming.

My nasturtiums – could not be easier to grow from seed!

Well that is it for now. Am hoping to visit Nantucket soon so maybe I will some more to share on my favorite New England island.