Brooks Ghost 13 Running Shoe Review

Hi there. Goodness what a crazy couple of weeks. High school gal is off this week and we have been on the college tour circuit. Of course, there are few tours to be found…so doing our own tours really. Nonetheless, lots of driving and while fun, exhausting too. I still do not have a kitchen ready to share just yet…but hopefully in about a week. They finished repairing the backsplash today. Spring has sprung in CT and the Northeast and with the warm weather I am excited to run. I will share a bit of my running background but before I do, let’s be clear, today’s post is about the most amazing, cloud-like running shoe around, the Brooks Ghost Running Shoe 13.

My history with running

All, there are plenty of blogs out there that chronicle running far more than I ever will. That said, I love to run and I normally run about once a week but with the pandemic, running has become my primary form of exercise. Way back when, I ran track in high school. I ran the mile for one season in an effort to stay in shape for my main sport, field hockey. All – I hated track. I hated competing. I hated pretty much everything about it except running. I learned I actually really enjoy running as a stress manager, way to stay in shape and just a nice form of outdoor exercise. So fast forward many years and I am still running. I have tried many, many running shoes. I have never loved a running shoe more than my Brooks Ghost 13 running shoe.

Review of the Brooks Ghost 13 Running Shoe

So about three years ago I bought the Brooks Ghost 13. I actually did not know that Ghost was the name. I loved these running shoes. I mean loved them. They were like running on clouds. So comfortable. We did a tour of the Pacific Northwest and I left these babies in the hotel room in Portland. I was so distraught. I called housekeeping and ended up sending them a prepaid label to ship them to me!

Yes, the Brooks Ghost 13 is that comfortable and so worth it. The problem is that I did not know the model was called Ghost and found myself trying other models (not as good). Then this year, I saw my shoes online, and I am sharing them with you today. They are bouncy, sooo comfortable and so great for running. I chose the pale grey color (see photo) which matches everything so a huge bonus. So enjoy. Here is the link where you can buy a pair of your own.