About Sunday’s Bread

Hi there,

I’m Mimi, and welcome to my blog.  I write about food, family, design, travel and more.   I started blogging because I love to share tips and have learned so much from other bloggers.  I also really enjoy the creative outlet.

A little bit about me…

I am a mom to two active teen girls.  My husband and I live outside of New York City in Connecticut.  While we are within commuting distance to New York City, we are very much in “horse country.”   We live in a quaint town that dates back to colonial times.  It is the best of both worlds – to live close to such a great city yet have a beautiful natural surrounding and a safe town.  We are also quite close to the shore.  CT has beautiful beaches too.  I will share details about living in and near New York City (we lived in Manhattan before moving here).

Working mom, part-time mom, at home mom

My background is in business.  I started my own marketing agency 8 years ago and never looked back.   I have it done it all in terms of working full-time, part-time and even some time as a full-time at home mom.  I can say from experience there are positives and negatives from all three of those situations.  Would love to connect with you all on that topic from time to time.  For the moms out there – you all have my greatest respect whatever you have chosen to do!  

When I started my own business I also had more time at home (no commute or that 45 minutes to “get ready” in the morning).   I became a great student.   Learning how to get organized (finally); improve my cooking (finally); decorate (which I love to do); maintain a budget (do not love to do…but very satisfying when done right) – and become the best parent I could be (still learning!).   

This blog will share all that I have learned.  I also love fashion, great style and am quite a bargain hunter.   I may occasionally share my finds and sales.  Having lived in France several times and as a frequent visitor there – that influence may be part of my posts too.  I have mastered more than a few French cooking recipes and picked up some handy style tips.

Where did the name come from?

Why Sunday’s bread?  I have wanted to start a blog for a long time and was recently motivated as I adapted a new routine.   In an effort to live more intentionally and be more budget-wise, I started meal planning and cooking from scratch. 

Saturday was for meal planning, and then because I enjoy baking I decided to bake a home made and usually healthy quick bread or muffins on Sunday afternoon.  It is relaxing, fills the house with a wonderful scent and makes for a nice backdrop as my family watches football (well my husband does), relaxes or tackles homework.

So my lifestyle blog, Sunday’s Bread was born.  Every week I will share my latest recipe from Sunday baking and much more.  Enjoy!