The 5 Best Home Organization Blogs

Hi there. So, yesterday I shared my organization journey. It would not have been complete without the inspiration I received from other bloggers (who continue to inspire me today). How did I find them? One day I think I googled “top organization websites” or something like that and fell into the world of organization blog! These ladies are funny, have great tips and influence my own organization journey. I am happy to share with you the 5 best organization blogs.

A Slob Comes Clean (the best of the top 5 organization blogs if you are starting out)

If you are just starting out, Dana at a Slob Comes Clean is a great place to start. She shares her brutally honest struggle to put some order in her life. She does not sugar coat it either – from the dishes piling up to having to buy garage sale clothes (because the rest of the clothes were dirty), she shares it all along with how she found peace in decluttering.

Easy tips such as just “do the dishes every day” (which I have also found to be true) get even the messiest, cluttered home on a path to order and serenity. She is also very funny and self deprecating which is fun as some of the organizing bloggers might take it all just a bit too seriously. She also a podcast. I enjoy listening while I tackle a decluttering or organizing project (or anytime).

iHeart Organizing

iHeart Organizing created a big Aha moment for me. Jen, the blogger, had such beautiful spaces and was so creative in how she labeled and organized. I love the creative DIY aspect of organizing. It is fun (well if you are me) to play around with fonts, patterns and making your containers and labels special. After decluttering and organizing a space I will treat myself to some beautiful labels and possibly containers (but only if I really need them!). She does not seem to be actively blogging anymore but she still has plenty of ever useful posts that will inspire you.

Andrea Dekker

I found Andrea Dekker’s blog awhile ago likely from one of my internet searches on organization. She is all about leading a simpler life and also has great ideas on living frugally (but fully). I really like her attitude that you don’t need fancy containers or tons of money to lead a simpler, organized and very fulfilling life. In fact she often will share organized spaces that may just reuse some cardboard boxes or tin cans that could be found in anyone’s recycling bin She also has great advice on how to be careful about accumulating stuff to begin with and leading a minimalist, simpler life.

Organizing Junkie

I recently discovered Organizing Junkie. She has tons of content around organizing everything (and I mean everything). I found I had to sift through much of the content but found some great tidbits. I like her idea around pouches and am going to try that out for my office where paper tends to become out of hand. She has been blogging for years so I recommend searching on a specific topic to find exactly where you may be challenged.


I recently found the Clutterbug blog and love the quiz that helps identify your organizing style. I think I fit more than one profile (definitely a Ladybug but maybe a Cricket too?). It is thought provoking and makes you review what you like/don’t like and where you may have obstacles to overcome.

I hope you enjoyed the top 5 organization blogs and will check them out. Do you have any blogs you go to for organization advice? Check back in frequently as I continue to share resources and my own tips and tricks for a decluttered, more organized, productive and fulfilled you!

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