5 Ways To Make Frozen Pizza Taste Like Take Out (at a Fraction of the Cost)

Transforming a cardboard-like frozen pizza into a delicious meal is entirely doable, super easy and economical. In fact, you can easily make your frozen pizza taste like takeout with a few simple steps.

We have all been there…dinner needs to be on the table and we have nothing prepared…

It is also one of those recipes for what I call “on your last nerve” meal ideas. “On your last nerve” recipes do not really qualify as “recipes” but may just save your “last nerve” mid week (or anytime). When I meal plan on Saturdays and Wednesdays (usually) I always factor in a few items that can be stored in the freezer and easily made for mid week. I find these options are particularly handy after a long work day or driving around to extra curriculars.

What is a On Your Last Nerve Recipe?

Sometimes these are items I cook myself and have frozen for a quick reheat in the microwave or instant pot. Occasionally they are freezer favorites from Trader Joes or Costco, and often they may have a base of store prepared food with a few items to doctor it up for something way better than what could be served directly from the freezer. I always keep a few items in my freezer such as Costco’s frozen cheese pizza (4 for $9 in my area) and recommend that you do too.

How to Make a Frozen Pizza Taste Like Something You Want to Eat?

Normally I am not a fan of frozen pizza. The cheese never freezes well (as is usually the case with dairy items), and the crust is like cardboard. Additionally, in my book, there is never enough cheese or any of the toppings that make pizza so delicious. So here are my go-to tips:

  1. Shop your fridge and pantry: Either fresh or leftover vegetables make excellent toppings. Leftover cooked mushrooms, peppers, onions and eggplant are delicious as a topping. In the summer I always have a basil plant too that I will top the pizza with fresh shards of that summery goodness.
  2. Keep ingredients on hand. I also always have onions and garlic. A quick sauté with some Italian seasoning or oregano can really up the flavor. Canned, sliced olives are delicious too. Costco Pesto, and pretty much any brand of pasta sauce are good bases. And, I always have flatbread (Aldi and Trader Joes have good options) as well as the Costco cheese pizza with a breadcrumb crust. Spices are key too. Nothing fancy – just some dried oregano and basil and maybe a bit of garlic salt if you like.
  3. Cheese! If you buy a frozen pizza the cheese is awful. Cardboard shreds. I usually don’t bother to scrape it off but always add either fresh mozzarella or if I don’t have that at least some of the sliced variety.
  4. Freezer toppings. Sliced, uncured pepperoni and salami are always in the freezer. I take them out a few minutes beforehand (or take a few slices and defrost in the microwave). Other toppings might include frozen pre-cooked rotisserie chicken or if we are doing a Meatless Monday we leave out the meat.
  5. Finish with a yummy glaze. Balsamic glaze adds just the right touch of tartness to the melted cheese. I have also known to drizzle a little truffle (fancy!) oil or garlic infused oil too. This pizza is so economical no matter how you finish it that I say go ahead…be fancy!

A Few Last Recommendations to Make Frozen Pizza Taste Like Takeout

We all have those nights when we are on our last nerve. For those moments, I always keep frozen pizza and some add ons to make frozen pizza taste like takeout. Make a quick salad of pre-washed lettuce and some favorite veggies and you are done…very little clean up too!