May/June Catch Up – Gardening & More

Well it’s been a minute since I have blogged but here I am. I have some good excuses. In May we took an anniversary trip to Bermuda. CG1 came home from Italy and CG2 from college. So with a full house (and full heart), the month was crazy busy (throw in our anniversary, my birthday and Mother’s Day as well as a family wedding and you get the picture!).

End of May brought Memorial Day and our beach and boat club officially opened. It was a gorgeous weekend. Unfortunately, the weather has not cooperated in CT since. This weekend looks rainy (after a beautiful, sunny week!).

I am not complaining after a drought last year, but still maybe I’ll complain a tiny bit as we love our club so much and it is weather dependent. Oh well.

I have been spending a lot of time in the garden (a Covid pasttime that stuck). I am growing Zinnias and Nasturtiums from seed, bought a bunch of perennials and of course annuals. So far, everything looks great (fingers crossed I may actually have some lasting flowers). Check out the photo of last year’s Nasturtiums…they were gorgeous!

Two recommendations for fellow gardeners both novice and expert. I love the app Picture This. You can photograph a plant and it will tell you what the plant is and even if it is healthy or not. This saved me at the nursery where I was about to purchase some sick perennials! I find it helpful too as I often am drawn to flowers that frankly won’t grow well in the conditions in our yard.

Second recommendation is the podcast A Way To Garden with Margaret Roach. She is an expert gardener of course as well as a NYTimes columnist and author of several books. Some of the episodes are a bit too in depth for me but most are really helpful and interesting. With these two sources of knowledge, I’ve taken the gardening game up a notch!

So that is a brief summary of what I have been up to – coming weeks are some of my favorites with the 4th of July, annual clambake and more. Sharing a pic of last year’s lobster dinner (and my tablescape).

Check back for some recipes I am trying out and hopefully a review of Grotto Bay and Bermuda. Have a great weekend!